Monday, August 16, 2010

State Fair Fun

Yep, it's that time of year again! Nick and I hit up the Iowa State Fair yesterday, primarily to get our food-on-a-stick fix and people watch without getting busted.

Another year, another batch of mullet sightings and dodging electric scooters. However, we did have a good time as always. The weather gave us a break with highs in the lower 80's for the first time in a couple weeks. There were good crowds but it wasn't packed. All in all, another good year. :)

BONSAI! I honestly didn't know they had a division for this at the fair, but I should have guessed. Some of these little guys are 15 years old!

I love the randomness of the fair. Although we primarily make the rounds through our old favorites every year, there's always something new we've not seen before!

This also re-inspired me to look at some succulents for a little container garden. Lowe's had a large selection earlier this summer. Succulents appeal to me because they come in beautiful colors, have great texture/sculptural forms, and most importantly, require almost no water. I have not green thumbs, only black. Plants come to my house to die. :( See here for some gorgeous examples (of succulents, not of dead plants).

As per usual, the crowd lined up to see the world-famous butter cow. This year's special tribute was to Doctor Seuss, complete with green eggs and ham. Literally green. The first time I've ever seen color used in the butter sculptures, but still not as controversial as last year's homage to the Gloved One.

Speaking of random, once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away...
there was a sand sculpture at the Cultural Center at the Iowa State fair.
I'm going to classify this one as another entry in the "new and
different at the fair" category.
I love the cultural building; it makes my arty soul happy. :)
Even the crappy kids' fingerpaintings.

Food on a stick. :) We shared a footlong corndog, pork chop on a stick (my personal fav), and a big fat sugary lemonade. I think eating at the fair is actually my favorite pastime there. Sadly I had a huge breafast that morning, so I wasn't able to pack in quite as much as I normally would. Shame on me for not planning ahead!

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